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Very few medical doctors are certified in homeopathy, which is a form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to managing sickness. Larisa Litvinova, MD, in Montclair, New Jersey, is an internist who’s also a certified homeopathic physician and can help you manage your health naturally through her concierge medical practice. And with advances in telecommunication technology, she can provide care without the need for you to come to the office. To schedule a consultation and learn how homeopathy can improve your health naturally, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Homeopathy Q & A

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy takes a holistic and natural approach to the management of sickness by providing treatments that help your body heal itself. Instead of simply treating your symptom or disease, homeopathy is aimed at managing your health as a whole. The homeopathic treatments used to manage your health and wellness are derived from natural sources, including plants, animals, and minerals.

There are few medical doctors in the world certified in homeopathic medicine. Dr. Litvinova is one of those few.

What are the principles of homeopathy?

There are three guiding principles of homeopathy. These principles include:

Like cures like

In homeopathic medicine, a natural substance that creates a symptom may provide the cure. For example, onions cause your eyes to tear and may serve as a treatment for your eye-watering allergy symptoms.

Minimum dose

To help you get relief from your illness without side effects, homeopathic medicine is provided in the smallest dose possible.

Single remedy

To benefit from the homeopathic treatments, you only take one remedy at a time. This philosophy also helps isolate the best homeopathic treatment for you.

To create your homeopathic treatment plan, Dr. Litvinova conducts a detailed, comprehensive interview, referred to as the homeopathic case-taking. This interview provides information about your physical, psychological, and emotional health that helps Dr. Litvinova determine the most appropriate homeopathic prescription.

Dr. Litvinova provides homeopathic medicine for both acute and chronic health conditions.

With advances in telecommunication technologies, Dr. Litvinova can conduct your homeopathic case-taking and develop your homeopathic prescription without you having to come to the office.

Does homeopathy cause side effects?

The Food and Drug Administration oversees homeopathy, and it has been approved for medical treatment in the United States since 1938. Dr. Litvinova is a medical physician and a certified homeopathic specialist and has the knowledge and skills to help you get the treatment you need for better health without side effects or health issues. Plus, based on the minimum dose philosophy, the dose of your homeopathic prescription is so small, side effects are virtually non-existent.

For management of your health conditions from a physician who takes a more natural approach to care, call Larisa Litvinova, MD, today or request a consultation online.