What It Means to Be a Homeopathic Physician

The human body is an incredibly complex and intricate system, in which everything is tied together, either directly or indirectly, for life and survival. In fact, the power of the human body is often underestimated, even though every cell and molecule is designed to promote life. Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that works with the human body, rather than trying to work around it, guiding your health in ways that tap your best resource — yourself.

Larisa Litvinova, MD, is an integrative physician who prides herself on bringing the top practices of many medical worlds together to get the best possible results for her Montclair, New Jersey, patients. For example, while she holds a medical degree in Western medicine, she’s also certified in homeopathy. This holistic approach to medicine allows her to find long-lasting results for patients by treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

If you’d like to explore how homeopathy works, here’s a quick look at the practice and how it can help you.

Getting started

Dr. Livintova conducts consultations in person, as well as online. So if you're unable to make it to our office, you can still get a diagnosis and treatment plan. Whichever way you visit Dr. Litvinova, she will  discuss your health and your goals, and you should expect this initial visit to be a lengthy one. All too often, patients are frustrated by the feeling that they’re not being heard, which is why Dr. Litvinova takes the time to truly listen to your problem. She also needs this time to ask some thorough questions.

One of the primary beliefs of homeopathy is that many factors affect your health, from the food you eat to your environment. This thorough review, which is called case-taking in homeopathic circles, is the first step in helping develop a clear picture of your life and where to look for potential trouble.

The core practices of homeopathy

Once Dr. Litvinova has a better idea of where to start in remedying your medical issue, she can apply a homeopathic approach, which embraces the three following practices:

Like cures like

At its core, homeopathy is the belief that “like cures like” — in other words, that which presents a problem may also present the solution. For example, take a substance that makes most everyone sneeze, healthy or not. If you have problems with allergies and sneezing is one of your symptoms, the very same substance that creates this effect in so many may also present a cure.

Delivering small amounts of this substance into your system homeopathically encourages your body to do what it does best — defend itself. By building up a resistance to something that creates your symptoms, you can enjoy a lifetime of immunity.

The minimum dose

All too often, the medical world runs on the beliefs that stronger is better or more works faster. While this approach may garner immediate results, they sometimes don’t last and often come with unfortunate side effects.

Homeopathy aims to minimize the dosing, with all chemicals removed, eliminating the side effects. This strategy — with treatments derived from natural sources — delivers what your body needs, in small doses, and nothing it doesn’t.

Single remedy

The final core belief in homeopathy is a treatment approach that uses one remedy at a time. Throwing several remedies at once toward a problem with the hopes that one will stick isn’t terribly productive and may further cloud the issue. By trying one remedy at a time, Dr. Litvinova can see what works and what doesn’t to zero in on the best solution for your problem.

Ultimately, the homeopathic approach is designed to provide you with long-lasting solutions that don’t simply mask your medical issue or create further problems through unnecessary treatments.

If you’d like to learn more about homeopathic care at Larisa Litvinova, MD, please call or use the online scheduling tool to set up an in-person or online consultation.

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